Guaranteed Signups

Paying for advertising and getting no results? No time to call leads? Not real good at calling leads?

Guaranteed Signups are what we do at Premium Signups.
Many years of continually testing and measuring has gotten us to the point where the
guaranteed signups we provide for you are of the highest value.

Guaranteed Signups

"There is no faster and easier way to grow your MLM or
Network Marketing business"

Guaranteed Signups from the name you trust; Premium Signups.

Since 2005 Premium Signups has been providing exactly that, it’s all in the name. We guarantee our signups are real people, really signing up.

Confusion reigns as to what signups actually are and if you have been to other sites there is no doubt, it’s easy to be confused by their weird descriptions and talk of mysterious scripts which magically count the signups.

Let’s forget all you ever heard or read on these sites because its hogwash.

Signups are a fancy pants name for leads, yes they are a special kind of lead. With a traditional lead you would call them and attempt to determine their interest level and proceed to invite them to view information about your opportunity on your site.

Nothing wrong with that process and as long as you are good on the phone and are using a script which is proven to work (for you), you will enjoy success.

Premium Signups

Signups work this way; we have people who have indicated an interest in learning more about home business. We send them to your site and if they like what they see they will signup on your site and become a free unpaid member of your team.


Select How Many You Want


Make the payment


Tell us the link to your page


"We understand that you want to grow the business fast"

As you can imagine having folks come to your site and signing up is a very positive step toward growing your business, fast and easily.

Many companies provide you with a backoffice where you can view and manage your signups. This is a great tool as it usually also emails new signups a series of email messages about your business and encourages them to become a paid member of your team.

Some companies also use a “powerline” to speed up the process by allowing new paid members to jump ahead of non paid members. If your company has this type of system then signups are amazingly useful in providing a huge incentive to your downline to upgrade to a paid membership.

No matter which type of system your company uses, signups are a good investment to grow your business by putting real people into your downline.

All you need is a page where the signups can complete a form asking for their name, email and maybe their telephone. By the way; if you do not have such a page we can provide one for you. See our Lead Capture pages here.

Patience is a key to Guaranteed Signups. It takes time and we have no control over how long it will take to provide you with all the signups you order. A lot depends on your lead capture (landing page) some are much more attractive and interesting than others. For example, I’m sure Porches would outsell Fords if they were the same price. My point here is, if you are going to fret and contact us every second day asking how long is it going to take, you are just going to become frustrated and unhappy. We understand that you want to grow the business fast, everyone does, remember there is nothing stopping you doing other activities to grow your business while we fill your signups order.

Paid Signups, no sorry we do not provide signups for paid programs. This means we are not providing you with paid members. We know that all businesses have a requirement for a payment at some stage to become a paid member. We only provide signups for unpaid pages.

Remember, all you need is to be able to offer the signups some free information without asking them for a payment and you will most likely qualify for our service. Then you can reap all the benefits. Let your system encourage them to become paid members.

Guaranteed Signups from Premium Signups are real people really signing up


Prospects are attracted by advertisements promising information about work at home, making money from home and home business opportunities. The prospects are shown your site and if they like it, they will sign up for your free program or free information.

In the back office (we provide you), you can see the signups and their name and email address. You may contact them like an yother prospect. If your company site also has a backoffice you will see them in there as well

After they sign up then and only then are they counted as a signup for you.

Of course you can opt to send them to a landing page you manage and have them automatically signed up into your email sending service.

Either way works fine. All you need to do to qualify is offer a page where they can complete a form and get free information.

Note: We are not offering paid members.

To get started simply place an order and complete our form asking for the link to the page with the form on it

All sales are final and refunds are not given. Patience is the key to success with signups. If neither of these conditions is satisfactory to you, please do not order.

Guaranteed Signups are a very effective and easy way for you to grow your business and very cost effective. Your downline associates will love it because it will be so simple for them to duplicate what you are doing.

Guaranteed Signups from Premium Signups are real people really signing up


Your product, service or information must be 100% free to those signing up.

We cannot accept offers that ask for any type of payment nor do we accept offers that ask for any type of financial data such as social security numbers or banking information on the first initial lead form.

We do not guarantee that anyone will buy your product or service.

We do guarantee that you will receive the exact number of guaranteed sign ups you have purchased within the time frame stated during the ordering process. We will do our best though, it should be noted that some signup forms attract more signups than others.

That’s the nature of design.