Terms of use

Terms of Service - We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our products. However, because our products are considered an intangible commodity we cannot offer cash refunds. Please consider this before placing your order. Our guarantee is only limited to a full replacement of invalid traffic or signups. Website Traffic - We will replace traffic that does not match the demographics or geographical locations specified on your original order. Also, any traffic that is deemed substandard by our system admins will be replaced.

Guaranteed Signups - We will replace signups that contain invalid phone numbers. We will also replace any signups that have invalid email addresses. Our signups are real people that have responded to a specific ad or interest. Some people put in a bad email or phone number mistakenly or intentionally. We cannot control what the person puts down as their email or phone number, however we can replace this signups with another one. You are purchasing Guaranteed Signups. A Guaranteed Signup is a person that signs up for any free offer that the Buyer has advertised on their website or landing page. We only accept free offers!! If your site or page asks for any form of payment or any type of payment information, such as credit cards, PayPal email, etc. then your website or landing page does not qualify for Guaranteed Signups and will not be accepted! Guaranteed USA Signups: Allow up to 30 days to complete the campaign for under 250 signups ordered. If you order 250 or more signups, then allow up to 60 days to complete the campaign!

Guaranteed USA Signups (RUSH): Allow 7-10 business days to complete the campaign if you ordered under 200 signups. If you ordered 200 or more signups, then allow up to 14 business days to complete the campaign. NOTE: (A business day refers to Monday-Friday ONLY!) Do not count Saturday and Sunday when estimating the timeframe for completion of your campaign!

All Other Websites and Landing Pages (NON-Home Based Business Opportunity) - We will accept these types of websites and landing pages, however be advised that your campaign will take much longer to complete and may lag in attracting signups. This is due to the fact that the advertising strategies we use to acquire our signups are specifically targeted at Home Based Business Opportunity Seekers. Keep this in mind when placing your order.

We will deliver the number of signups ordered. Due to the nature of Guaranteed Signups, no refunds can be given after an order has been processed. In case your program is declined for any reason after payment has been made, your money will be refunded within 24 hours. We cannot offer refunds if a website shuts down before your order is fulfilled, is being hacked or experiences server problems. Please make sure you are promoting a stable, reliable program before placing your order.

It is beyond our control and we are not responsible for things that happen at your program's web site. If there is a problem with your program's site or server because of the increased traffic it receives during the promotion period, that is NOT our problem. You should be sure that the site can deal with the increased volume of visitors as your signups are being generated.

It is your obligation to make sure that the company you are ordering guaranteed signups for allows this kind of lead generation. We only check if we can technically generate signups for a specific company. We DO NOT check if guaranteed signups are in compliance with website's terms. Verifying is completely up to you. We will not be held liable if a company shuts down your account, because of violating their terms. You must be certain you send the correct URL for your program. We accept NO responsibility if we send 100 or 5,000 new signups to someone else. We cannot change the URL once the promotion begins. We suggest you complete that portion of your order VERY carefully and double check it when you are done. We will keep a copy of your order in our records so that there is no confusion about what you sent to us. Once a campaign has started it is NOT possible to change your url. If we find out that a url is pointing to another site than at the time the order was placed, we reserve the right to terminate the campaign without refund.

PremiumSignups.com makes NO guarantee about the subsequent actions of any signups we provide. We will not refund any money based on the action or inaction of the signups we provide. No one can guarantee what anyone else will do after joining any particular program. We will get people to join your program. What happens after they join is beyond our control. There is no way to guarantee the "quality" of any signups provided, and we shall not be liable for any complaints regarding your perception of the quality of the signups delivered. Whether people choose to upgrade or make sales or actively participate in your program will depend on your program and what it offers.

We cannot and will not be held liable for any actions or inactions of the signups we provide. Our service delivers signups. It will be up to you to work with these signups to reach your personal and program goals. PremiumSignups.com encourages you to work with your signups exactly the same way you would for signups that come from your own promotional efforts. Your success in any program will depend on what it offers and your own efforts. If you ordered premium signups for a program that requires double optin, we do not guarantee all members will double optin.

It is your obligation to contact your signups as soon as possible and remind them to double optin.

PremiumSignups.com maintains very good tracking, and we know who signed up from our efforts. Please save us both time by disputing the number provided. We shall be prepared to provide very good records regarding the signups provided by our service. If you wish to dispute this matter, you agree to binding arbitration to reach a resolution. Our own records will be provided only at the time of arbitration. You or your representative should be prepared to prove our failure to deliver the signups ordered by forwarding a HTML copy of your regular program statistics. Costs of hiring representation to process such a dispute fall to the party raising the dispute, and you agree that such arbitration is final, and that you waive your right to file any court case by using our service. You also agree that we may, in our discretion, file both criminal and civil actions against you for any damages caused by your dispute.

PremiumSignups.com may also file complaints with appropriate parties about your own fraudulent actions in filing any false dispute. We will tell you the amount of time we expect it will take to provide the number of signups you order. In general smaller orders are fulfilled within 4 -6 weeks. The time frame we tell is NOT a guarantee. There is not a guarantee on how quickly your signups will come. Your guarantee is that we will create the number you order or more before we are done promoting your program. PremiumSignups.com promises you that no spam will be used to find new signups for your program. We detest this failed method of marketing as much as you do, and we know it is not effective. There is a possibility that one of your signups could asked to be removed from your list and or program. That is true whether you find new signups or we do. Some people will decide to quit and ask to be removed, and you should honor such requests.

All Premium signups ordered after september 1st 2003 will be scrubbed against the National Do Not Call Registry on the date the order is processed. However, if our software malfunctions, the customer ads himself to the "NO Call List" after the day we scrubbed an order against the NO CALL LIST or something slips through or there are fraudulant complaints filed, we may not held liable in any way.

It is your obligation to scrub your signups against the NO CALL list prior to calling them. Replacement of signups: we will replace all premium invalid signups if sent in within 10 days. A list containing leads full detail (name, e-mail, phone) is required. After double checking invalid signups will be replaced. If you ordered premium signups and they do not show up in your downline 10 days after the spreadsheet has been forwarded to you, we require to forward your login details so we can verify that signups have indeed not been delivered. No refunds can be issued if you fail to provide your programs login info to us. Refunds for non delivered premium guaranteed signups can only be issued if filing a complaint within 14 days after the spreadsheet has been forwarded.

Premium signups: if we are unable to fulfil your order within 30 days your money will be refunded. Refunds will only be issued if we completely fail to deliver signups. In any dispute you need to provide login info so we can review signups acutally showing up in your downline. Due to the way premium signups are generated and processed, we do not guarantee that sign-ups will double optin. Sign-ups generated by us will show up in your downline, but it is up to you reminding them to verify their account.

We do not guarantee a double optin percentage.

PremiumSignups.com reserves the right to amend these terms as it deems necessary. You are advised to consult the terms on this page to remain current. Publication of revised terms to the PremiumSignups.com website shall serve as public notice of any such changes. By placing your order you agree to our TERMS.